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Demetalizing machine for metallized film

Kingsun machinery is a professional supplier for series de-metallizing machine applies to PET film, PVC film, flexible packaging, metalized film, laser hologram film, transfer film, label stickers, logos, anti-counterfeit strip partially transparent material, the shape and size of the transparent window position can be arbitrarily selected.
The machine main technical characteristics:
The whole machine adopts PLC control, specifically features following three aspects:
1.The chemical liquid is environmental type, non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution, long kept liquid also can be reused.
2.The chemical liquid solution consumes very low cost.
3.The machine designs for effectively prevent the film surface drawing scrape lines, wrinkling, shrinkage, with fast drying capacity, good rewinding design. There are cleaning quality observation screen, the partially transparent window can return the true nature color of the film.
The working width:800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm etc. You can visit our website know more details,please click following link: